6.0 GB diskspace
Unlimited email accounts
200 GB bandwidth
Unlimited MySQL, FTP
Create up to 5 independent accounts
Unlimited domain parking
Unlimited subdomains    
Flexihostings FlexiSite Hosting plan allows you to truly be master of your domain (many domains!). A FlexiSite hosting plan can do everything that a standard shared hosting plan can do--and more. Our FlexiSite Hosting plan offers you a number of real, full hosting accounts with independent control panel under one plan.

What is FlexiSite Hosting?
FlexiSite Hosting is an addon feature to your current account that allows you to split your existing disk space and bandwidth into MULTIPLE accounts, each having its own control panel, own set of features, disk space, bandwidth, username and password. Each of the accounts you have spawn from your primary account has all the features you have in your primary account.

FlexiSite Hosting is completely different from Addon domain or Parked domain as each account you created from FlexiSite has its own control panel and is FULLY INDEPENDENT.

Each of these hosting accounts can be configured by you (the primary accont holder) to have different set of features ie: disk space, bandwdith, sub domain, mysql, ftp, email account, addon domain, parked domain and etc.


Features and Benefits

  • Create and remove accounts instantly.
  • Allocate disk space and bandwidth for each of the newly created account.
  • Access the individual control panel for each site without needing to know each account's current password.
  • Suspend and unsuspend individual accounts.
  • Force a password reset on an account.
  • Custom Remote Backup option available - allows you to backup your account on a seperate backup server (dependent on NOC location).
Email Features
Site Management Tools
Software Support
Key Features
Advanced Hosting Features
Multimedia Support
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Email Features
POP3, IMAP and SMTP Email Access
Unlimited Forwarders, Auto Responders and Mailing List Enterprise
Anti-Virus Protection and Anti-Spam Filtering
Account-Specific Mail Filtering
Rules2 GnuPG PGP
Secure Email Encryption
Site Management Tools
Unlimited FTP accounts
FrontPage Extensions
Web Database Manager (phpMyAdmin)
cPanel Control Panel
Dreamweaver Access
Web-Based File Manager
Software Support
PHP 4 & 5 (w/Zend Optimizerô)
MySQL 4 & 5 Perl 5.8+ (w/Free Module Installation)
CGI-BIN and Site-Wide CGI
GD, NetPBM, ImageMagick Library
Server Side Includes (SSI)
cURL Library
Sendmail Support
WAP/WML/Wireless Support
Key Features
Free Website Templates (view templates)
Auto Installer for over 50 Scripts - read more about Fantastico
Self service Site Backup
Daily, Weekly, Monthly and Off-Site Backup done by us
Web Statistics - Awstats
Enhance Web Security - mod_security, anti-ddos mod
Firewall Protected Server
Advanced Hosting Features
Customizable Error Pages
Hotlink Protection
IP deny manager
Cron Job Editor
Password Protected Directories
Downloadable Raw Logs
OpenPGP / GPG Encryption
Custom MIME type
Multimedia Support
RealAudio and Video (http stream)
QuickTime Streaming
30 days money back guarantee
99.95% Network Uptime Guarantee
Service Level Agreement Guarantee
100% Customer Satisfaction

     FlexiSite's Users

Freelance Web Designer & Webmaster (Chloe)

With FlexiSite Hosting, Chloe can...

  • Provide her web design customers with hosting as a value-added service.
  • Remove the need to deal with a third-party company for web hosting.
  • Give each customer full access to their control panel and account settings.
  • Access all her accounts from her master control panel--even if the customer changes their password!

Loving Husband and Father of 4 (Frank)

With FlexiSite Hosting, Frank can...

  • Provide for his family by giving each member their own, fully-featured hosting account.
  • Allow each of his children to set their own account passwords, thereby avoiding website defacement during bouts of sibling rivalry.
  • Ability to access all the kids' websites without having to know each of their passwords.
  • Suspend individual accounts to punish children for misbehavior.

Video Game Clan Leader (Fred)

With FlexiSite Hosting, Fred can...

  • Become a power broker within his clan by offering free hosting to other clan members.
  • Reward teammates for their loyalty by increasing disk space and/or bandwidth quotas.
  • Forestall betrayal with the implicit (or explicit) threat of website deletion.
  • Blackmail former allies with illicit photographs found in their websites. :P